Our Mission

These days, we as humans worry more about others and the world around us than ourselves. At PuriSpa, we like to remind you to find time out of your busy schedule to take care of yourself.

PuriSpa Co. was founded in early 2020 with the sole mission of perpetually disrupting the health & beauty industry for the benefit of the consumer.  After personally struggling with the many cons of the personal care sector for years, we at PuriSpa vowed to present a state-of-the-art solution to faulty products, sky-high prices, unethical practices, at-home pain relief, long-term health effects, and everything else that's been plaguing the market.

Our first objective was to design innovative products that provide solutions to everyday problems that you and I both face, considering the well-being of each & every customer, including you! Starting out in a small city located in Michigan, we got to work developing our first ever product - Mineral Enhanced Purifying Showerheads that remove all toxins from your water while increasing water pressure to your preference & decreasing your monthly consumption. Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? The story goes on... Shortly after, we developed our advanced heat therapy air compression Pain Relief Hand Massagers for those with hand/wrist pain, arthritis, carpel tunnel and so much more!

The rest is history as we carry on expanding across different states & countries while continuing to develop our innovative technology for each & every household. There isn't a problem that we can't solve. Interested? Give PuriSpa a try risk-free for 30 days & get your money back if you aren't fully satisfied. Hear what other satisfied customers have to say with the hundreds of positive reviews across our brand's website.